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Caitlyn Jenner’s bizarre attack on the ‘rainbow mafia’

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Former Olympian and unfortunately also one of the world’s most famous trans people, Caitlyn Jenner vowed to take on the so-called ‘rainbow mafia’ in an Instagram video in April. “Honestly, (the rainbow mafia) is destroying the entire LGBT community,” Jenner ranted.

Just days earlier, Jenner had denounced President Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX, a civil rights law that could be amended to forbid blanket bans on trans student-athletes. “Biden is trying to erase women, he is trying to erase women in sports,” Jenner told Fox News, without a trace of irony.

Jenner has also described the so-called ‘Radical Rainbow Mafia’ as ‘domestic terrorists’ and claims that they have ‘hijacked the LGBTQ+ community.’

In a Twitter comment, Jenner claimed that “the ‘Rainbow mafia’ supported ‘grooming children’ … and use violence to shut down opposition”.

So beware, everyone. Caitlin Jenner is coming for you.. and is clearly not happy. Or well.