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Until August 12 @ ACT Hub, Causeway Hall, Kingston
Review by Jo Falvey


Photo: Ben Appleton | Photox – Canberra Photography Services


How would you describe Noel Coward’s 1920s English comedy Hay Fever to today’s audience?

It’s Schitt’s Creek (season 1 before becoming more thoughtful) meets the more bohemian Great Gatsby.

Perfectly set in the historic Causeway Hall from the same era, the space has been beautifully decorated with 1920s pieces in a backdrop that represents the entrance to the family’s country estate.

We are introduced to the four family members and they are self-absorbed, hedonistic and breathtakingly bad-mannered. The main characters are engrossing though outrageous. They have each invited a guest and you can feel an awkward-yet-fun romp coming on.

Actor-turned-first-time-director Joel Horwood has swapped several of the character’s genders (and therefore sexualities) on their head, which really works well with the quick-witted dialogue.

The casting is perfect for the director’s adaption with captivating performances by all. The deliveries are perfectly timed, the over-the-top performances hilarious and go to prove that no matter what sexuality you are, a self-absorbed and over-indulgent family is always repellant.