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Right here, right PNAU

Troye Sivan

Legendary Australian dance act PNAU have tripped the light fantastic from producing '90s rave bangers all the way up to twinky Troye Sivan, writes Danny Corvini

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Sydney’s dance trio PNAU may have their roots in the city’s early ’90s rave scene but they have truly become the property of the entire music world since. While their 2000 album Sambanova was hailed as the Best Dance Release at the 2000 ARIAS, their 2022 remix of the Elton John vs Dua Lipa production ‘Cold Heart’ completed their transition into one of the world’s hottest music forces.

Here is their journey in music videos….

You Know What I Need – PNAU, Troye Sivan (2023)

PNAU’s latest collaboration gives Australia’s favourite twink a big, groovy AF disco monster to behold.

Don’t Fly Away – Elvis & PNAU (2022)

This slinky groover features a sample of Elvis’s Suspicious Minds.

Stranger Love – PNAU feat. Budjerah (2021)

Budjerah, a Coodjinburra man from the Bundjalung nation, also known as Fingal Head in NSW, was given the PNAU magic treatment in 2021. The result is a completely danceable track that is so beautiful that it aches, thanks to Budjerah’s silky smooth vocals and that loving PNAU know-how.

Go Bang – PNAU (2017)

Arguably PNAU’s best ever track, Go Bang was the ultimate dance floor anthem of 2017 and has remained that way ever since.

Need Your Lovin’ Baby – PNAU (2000)

The stand-out track from PNAU’s debut album Sambanova; unfortunately the original music video only exists in poor shape like this.

Journey Agent – PNAU (2000)

Another track from the Sambanova album, this one perfectly captures the lo-fi, sample-heavy, acid-jazzy, trip-hoppy, disco-house vibes of the time.

The Hard Way – PNAU + Khalid (2023)

American singer Khalid evokes 1980s synth-pop melancholia and was a dream collaboration for the boys.

Unite Us – PNAU (2011)

At various junctures of history, the members of electronica acts have bizarrely dropped the guest vocalists and sampling to do the singing themselves; and this was the time that PNAU did just that.

Embrace – PNAU (2008)

PNAU found themselves as festival favourites in the noughties and Embrace is a defining track of the era. The song was co-written by and features uncredited vocals by Ladyhawke.

Chameleon – PNAU (2016)

The PNAU formula was in full effect by 2016: absolute feel-good beats, indecipherable vocals and a trippy tribal-fluoro look inspired by member Nick Littlemore’s time as one-half of Empire of the Son. The future looks bright!

Solid Gold – PNAU feat. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver (2019)

auspOp described Solid Gold as “A sparkling mid-tempo disco-pop number with pulsing beats, a sharp piano line and soulful vocals” and we really couldn’t put it any better.

All Of Us – PNAU feat. Ollie Gabriel (2019)

This music video featured the first-ever, large-scale drone light show in a music video. Shot on location outside Los Angeles, the 81 drones flew in concert seven times during the all-night film shoot.

Wild Strawberries – PNAU (2008)

With touches of the ’90s rave scene from whence they came, this song is pretty much an ode to acid. Just in case you didn’t know.


Cold Heart – Elton John / Dua Lipa (PNAU Remix)

And last but not least, the song that propelled PNAU to the top of the pops. Cold Heart features a clever cut-up of the original Elton John vocals from Your Song with a new take by Dua Lipa, and of course the smooth PNAU beats, making this song one of the only really great things to happen during lock down.