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New ‘Welcome to Meridian 2.0’ video drops

A still from 'Welcome to Meridian 2.0' featuring Wayne Herbert and Venus Mantrap

New Meridian video features local queer celebs Wayne Herbert and Venus Mantrap

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In 2022, Meridian launched a new video engagement tool – a 5-minute short called ‘Welcome To Meridian’.

Brainchild of Community Engagement Manager, Lee Caldwell, the original video featured Canberra queer icons, Jolene Misfud (Inkbits) and Bambi Valentine. In its first week of release, Meridian’s social media reach increased by 350%. Over the next two years, the video introduced Meridian to a broader audience online and as part of Meridian’s education and training program.

“Even after many months, we would continue to receive comments from people here in the ACT saying they never knew Meridian existed,” Caldwell said. “It’s a testament to the power of video and using key messaging and entertainment to reach our community.”

Meridian has now released ‘Welcome To Meridian 2.0’ using the same principles of informative fun featuring Wayne Herbert, LGBTIQA+ disability advocate, author and TEDtalk circuit regular and Venus Mantrap (aka Sam Townsend), Canberra drag legend and performance artist.

“It’s a new video with a new flavour, but the message remains the same. Meridian is Canberra’s LGBTIQA+ Community organisation and we are here for you. Get involved or take advantage of our programs, activities and services.”

Check it out here: