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Sound and Fury: Carnal. Art. Party

Sound and Fury: Carnal. Art. Party. presents a sexy and electrifying new sensory theatre experience at The Vault.

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Sound and Fury Presents: Carnal.Art.Party

Sat 15th Jun 2024, 8:00 pm – Sun 16th Jun 2024, 1:00 am AEST
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Sound and Fury proudly presents yet another captivating edition of its performances for its 23rd party. This time, Carnality will infiltrate the mysterious concrete bunker and showcase the best performance art locally and beyond. For one night only, on Saturday June 15, Sound and Fury will transform The Vault at Dairy Road into an electrifying sensory experience featuring a fusion of music, erotism, theatre, dance, and song.

Far from your typical gathering, Sound and Fury beckons attendees to indulge their senses in an electrifying atmosphere, meticulously crafted to captivate and enthral. Set within a non-traditional venue transformed into a realm of decadence, attendees will find themselves enveloped in a tapestry of high-quality production and intimate artistic direction.

“This isn’t just a party; it’s a journey,” remarked Dave Caffery, Curator and Founder of Dionysus adds.”Guests are invited to relinquish inhibitions and embrace the allure of exploration. Here, every corner holds a new discovery, every moment a chance to become part of the magic.” he added.

At Sound and Fury, guests are not mere spectators but active participants, encouraged to
engage, imbibe, and immerse themselves fully in the experience. From interactive installations
to live performances, each facet of the event is designed to ignite the senses and spark conversation. And for those who prefer to observe, there are abundant opportunities to sit back and enjoy the show.

Originating as an after party for the infamous Art, Not Apart festival in Canberra, Sound and Fury has evolved into a unique offering that presents performance art in a spectacular party format.

“When Dave approached me to make a debaucherous speakeasy party with live art in 2011, there was such a shortage of performance artists in town. I was dressing up bands in matching outfits and calling it ‘performance art’. 23 parties later, we can’t possibly fit in all of the talent that exists in this town. The quality of performance is astounding, and even the artists that you know, bring something outside of their usual wheelhouse. I am consistently breath taken by the life force that is Sound and Fury – defined by the collaboration between performers and audiences. This winter’s Carnal theme promises a blend of sex, love and magic unlike anything anyone has ever seen anywhere” says Sound and Fury Director Chenoeh Miller.

Tickets offer a range of access and experiences, from Standard Admission to exclusive VIP packages.

Sound and Fury is more than just a party—it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of performance art. Sound and Fury invites the audience to experience performance art and The Vault like never before. The event will take place on Saturday, June 15, from 8 PM with a dress code of dark as midnight.

The Vault is located in the Dairy Road Precinct, Fyshwick – access via Entrance 1 or 2, entry via P3 car park, behind the iconic Capital Brewery.